Special Guests come to BWRCF!

Sir Timothy Straight is quite an interesting person - every time he comes to Berd, he brings with him famous and fabulous people!
This time, our guests were actress Arsine Khanjian from the well-known "Ararat" film and Sister Hannah Chritenn from Germany (who also visited herself a week ago).

How happy we were, meeting Sister Hannah, the mother of our Berd Bears! She has lived in Berd almost 7 years and helped the women to form their handicraft club to make the bears, which has become Berd Bear! She's quite a unique woman with a lot of energy, kindness and light.
Soon our Berd Bear became the favorite toy of Arsine. She was amazed to discover that the Berd Bear is being made in 18 hours, from natural wool yarn, with both a handmade body and clothes.
These two great women have one important advantage; they speak such pure Armenian since they live abroad, that we really enjoyed listening to them for hours.
We are proud that you are in Armenia and that you are Armenian. Okay, so maybe Sister Hannah isn't officially Armenian, but she's lived here in Բերդ for so long, we think she's more than earned the title of Honorary Armenian.

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