Berd Bear

History of Berd Bear
  Berd Bear is a handmade stuffed animal, lovingly made by various women in Berd. Originally a concept presented to local women by a German missionary, Sister Hanna Christen, the women have taken to the design and let their imagination guide their skilled hands. Berd Bear, and his wife Berduhi, feature many different traditional and modern outfits, and employee various artisans in the creation of the toys, outfits and furniture.

Here are brown and grey Berd&Berduhi. You and your kids can have one of them or it will be better to have both of  these cute bears!   

Berd&Berduhi are made from natural wool and cotton handmade materials, so they can be your kids favorite and safe toys forever! 

Preferable price for one bear is 15.000 AMD or $40. 

Berd with Armenian scarfs!
This natural and special product consists of various handmade clothes and colorful card with Berd Bear  history&logo. 
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