The Berd Women's Resource Center Foundation (BWRCF) was established in February 2011.

The Goals of BWRCF are:
·         To support the development Berd and the surrounding communities (Tavush region of RA) and create solutions to issues in this region
·         To protect, support and advocate for women’s rights
·         To advance women’s awareness of informational, educational, cultural, health and business issues
·         To support women’s civic participation and decision-making processes in politics
·         To create a network of cooperation between women’s NGOs
·         To create a network of NGOs in the Berd region
·         To prevent the processes of trafficking and  migration
             ·         To support the freedom of speech, democracy and superiority of the laws

Current Projects:

1.    “Assistance to the Handicraft Women of Berd”.(March 2011 - Present)
The aim of the handicraft project is to organize and support the handicraft women of the Berd region; to organize meetings, trainings, and exhibition-sales; to assist in their group business; to assist in finding proper supplies in Armenia.
Beneficiaries: 30 handicraft women of Berd area.

Contact Us:
Phone:  (+374) 055-75-25-95
Address: 2 Hayk Nahapet Street, Berd Town, Tavush, RA

·         Meet the Staff:

Director of the BWRC- Anahit Badalian, Journalist 
Phone:  (+374) 055-75-25-95
E-mail: anbadalian@gmail.com 
Website: berdanahit.blogspot.com
 Accountant of BWRC- Julieta Avanessian 
Phone: +37493-00-93-05
E-mail: julieta-avanesian@rambler.ru 
Address: Utiq 15, town Berd, Tavush region, RA
Assistant of BWRC- Anahit Adamyan, philologist 
Phone: +37493074729
E-mail: anahit.adamyan@gmail.com 
Address: Mashtots 64, town Berd, Tavush region, RA
Manager of the “Women Handicraft Project”-  Seda Hovakimyan 
Phone:  +37494330203 
Address: Qarashen 18, town Berd, Tavush region, RA 


Caroline Lucas, Peace Corps Volunteer, Business Development Specialist

Sir Timothy Straight, Honorary Consul of Norway and Finland in Armenia