WELCOME to our blog!

The blog of the Berd Women's Resource Center Foundation (BWRCF) is happy to announce that we are now public for all who are interested in women's issues in Բերդ and Armenia.

Our first project is uniting handicraft women, who live in our small town of Berd and do not have access to employment. They have started to work with inspiration and enthusiasm on multiple products, including the Berd Bear, which is now for sale through our partner at Homeland Handicrafts (www.homelandhandicrafts.org).

This is only the start for BWRCF, which has been realized by the help and encouragement of several people (especially by Sir Timothy Straight, John Hart and Zoe Armstrong) for whom I am quite grateful.

Let's continue to see what else we can do FOR THE WOMEN OF BERD!

Anahit Badalian, Founding Director of the BWRC Foundation

2 комментария:

  1. Thanks for the great visit to Berd yesterday! The trip was a fantastic experience, getting to see all the great bears that the Berd ladies have made, and also to plan new products, like a table, chair, and rocking chair for the bears! And amazingly enough, the trip back to Yerevan from Berd to Chambarak and around the end of Lake Sevan was more beautiful and faster than going through Idjevan!!

  2. We are hard at work here in Homeland Handicrafts developing new bear accessories. Lots of nice new ideas being sent up to Berd early next week! Magnet, key tag, bag, gloves, hat and more!! I can BEARLY keep my enthusiasm hidden!